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Hear Naomi Miller on the Women and Shakespeare Podcast!

In this episode, we discuss Professor Naomi Miller’s novel, Imperfect Alchemist, which revolves around Mary Sidney Herbert and her bond with a maidservant and artist Rose. Interviewer: Dr Varsha Panjwani Guest: Professor Naomi Miller Producer: Mr Zeke Tweedie Artwork: Mr Wenqi Wan Listen here.

A photograph of novelist Naomi J. Miller

Imperfect Alchemist: Writing Women’s Voices

Many popular novels about Renaissance women picture them in relation to powerful men. One need look no further than the steady stream of novels about the wives of Henry VIII, perpetuating a phenomenon that I have named the “Noah’s ark approach,” which positions women in dependent relation to famous men.

Naomi Miller ’81 Reimagines Life of Literary Trailblazer Mary Sidney

The book: A novel set in 16th-century England, Imperfect Alchemist (Allison & Busby) by Naomi Miller ’81 reimagines the life of Mary Sidney, one of Shakespeare’s literary contemporaries, and her maid, Rose Commin. From vastly different social backgrounds, they share a drive to make their own way in the world.

Introducing Naomi Miller

Naomi Miller is descended on her mother’s side from a shogun in the Tokugawa period and on her father’s side from Dutch-English settlers who arrived in America at the time of the Mayflower. An award-winner author of books about Renaissance women, she is a professor of English and the Study of

An interview with Naomi Miller, author of Imperfect Alchemist

Interview and Review by Jo of JaffaReadsToo Two women. One bond that will unite them across years and social divides. England, 1575. Mary Sidney, who will go on to claim a spot at the heart of Elizabethan court life and culture, is a fourteen-year-old navigating grief and her first awareness

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