Reviews from the Imperfect Alchemist Bookstagram Tour

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The Imperfect Alchemist Bookstagram Tour recently wrapped up! Here’s what reviewers had to say:


A richly detailed, complex historical fiction about women, creativity & ambition. I felt completely immersed in the setting of the Tudor period. The writing was absolutely gorgeous and with excellent characterization – this was a really good read. I think the author captured the essence of womanhood in Elizabethan England wonderfully!

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Dynamic. Inspiring. Creative. If you love female friendships, family bonds, and characters who are more than they first appear, then this is definitely one for you.

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I absolutely adored the writing style and prose. . . I loved that we followed two women of very different class, one a countess and the other a maid. If you want to read a fictional but magical biography of these amazing women, I highly recommend!

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I loved how the two female protagonists sought to extend themselves beyond the conventional constraints of womanhood in order to follow their dreams, shattering stereotypes and defying patriarchal codes along the way.

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Miller’s writing style is wonderful. I adored reading about Mary’s and Rose’s bond and friendship as it blossomed and grew alongside their professional aspirations. This is a wonderful story of two women ahead of their time and the unlikely friendship that they forge in a world dominated by men. Really inspiring and compelling!

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